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A miracle gift from Mexico..Can you say Chayote?

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Isn't it wonderful  how nature gives the world everything it needs! :)  Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about amazing pears. For some people, fruit from the regions of South America, possesing healing capabilities, is  quuite common,and no "big deal", But one fruit in particular, shows many great healing powers, and has more nutrients than you can count! According to my reliable sources, this fruit/vegatable originated in Mexico centuries ago, and now gaining recognition throughout Europe...and America.

Many researchers are billing this fruit as " The next great weapon in the war against cancer " What is this fruit causing all the fuss? Chayote Pear! (pronounced - chay -yoh- tay) It looks and smells like a pear,but taste like a cucumber...but slightly bitter! according to researchers in Guatemala, the chayote pear is a member of the melon/gourd/ guava family of fruits and vegetables,and can be classified as either.The entire fruit is edible;from the leaves, the stem, to the actual fruit itself!  And this fruit contains a boat load of vitamins from B thru K , important minerals such as calcium,iron,magnesium, and zinc.Chayote's leaves and fruit have diuretic,cardiovascular, antiinflamitory properties, and a tea from the leaves is an excellent treatment for hypertension, and kidney stone dissolvement.

Chayote seems to posses some cell regenerative properties:Women in the Colombian region apply a specialized cream that contains a chayote base to their skin..with satisfying results!!! As usual, I wanted to see for myself it this was good news or just "good hype": A Korean grocery in my town had a sale on chayote: 6 for $3! I asked the clerk  could the pears be juiced and if there any healing juice recipes he known of using the chayote pear, he gave me several; but 2 caught my attention! One was called the Happiness Tonic:2 Green Apples* 2 Large Spinach leaves * A handful of Green Grapes * 1 Chayote cut in half, then into 4's- Prepare for juicer- If you want to add honey for sweetner, may I suggest... go easy! I've been using this tonic for about 3 weeks and my mood seems more upbeat than usual! If chayote has cardiovascular properties, then it makes perfect since.

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine(myself included) follow an ancient and unique concept: 5  of the human bodies vital organs are aligned to various emotions,seasons,and senses(as I mentioned in previous writings.) The Heart is correlated to happiness. Chayote could protect and regulate the heart and  quite possibly repair damage heart tissue. But more research is needed. The second recipe is called " Great Green Fighter" and is used to fight cancer: Prepare 2 Green Pears*1 Chayote * 2 Green Apples* 2 Brazil Nuts*  2 Kale Leaves for the juicer- add dark honey if you prefer to. This tonic packs a wallop of  antioxidants; just what the body needs when it  is compromised by cancer.  The chayote and it's distant kin the Green Pear alone  are treasure troves of antioxidants.And if you add a yellow banana (a TNF cytokine) to the mix, I believe this is... the "brass ring!" Even though more research will be needed, I have already started my own research! I'm taking a thorough in depth study of this miracle gift from nature...I'll keep you posted!   Until next time..Stay Healthy    :)   


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Spring is here...Time to clean your liver!

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

March 20th 2017 6:28 am: Welcome Spring! To those reading this blog, give yourself some much needed praise: Youv'e made it through the cold and snowy winter! And even though you may be experiencing some cold days for the next few days, the worst of winter is nearly over!  In about 2 and a half weeks, you will have a brighter outlook on life!

But wait...Aren't you forgetting something? From early November until yesterday, your internal organs have been pushed to the limit....especially your liver! Your liver has very important responsibilities for the mind, body, and soul: The liver  is often called the "Chief of Staff of the mind, body, and soul".

Here is why: The liver  filters, replenishes and stores blood for nearly all of your vital organs..including your heart. But your liver needs to be flushed at least once or twice a year...preferebly around or about spring. Failure to cleanse your liver could cause trouble later...if not sooner! What kind of troubles? Blurred vision, jaundice, fatique, musclar aches and various liver disorders. At the psycho-emotional level: a malfunctioning liver can produce unexplained rage, uncontrollable anger, jealousy and resentment.

So, how does one cleanse their liver? There is old fashioned remedy that is easy to make, and safe to try. It requires 3 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water (about 8oz ) 3x a week once a day - for 2weeks! You'll be amazed at your well bieng in just 10 days! Some of my clients utilize this remedy for 21 days to a month...with great results!  May I suggest this tonic be taken before bedtime or if you are free for the next 4-8 hours and have nothing on your agenda. This simple yet powerful tonic is a dynamo and works thoroughly.

However if care not to try this remedy, I have a juice remedy/tonic that is tasty..and less destructive on a negative enguled liver: *1 large Red Beet *2 Large Carrots * 2 Green Apples * 1 Lime *A pinch of Ginger.  Prepare for the juicer, and add Dark Honey (preferably Buckwheat Honey) for desired taste.

Let's add a meridian massage to this protocol : With either thumb,massage liver point #1 (see digraham below) working your way up to liver point# 4 located in front of your anklebone. 15 minutes 2x a day will reap great results. If you can tolerate 3x daily..more power to you! You don't have to massage hard...but firm!


Take care of your liver...unlike your arms, legs, eyes, kidneys, You only have one Liver..Take care of it...and it will take care of you. Until next time..Stay Healthy my friends..One Love!


For those in pain...The relief could be in your hands!

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Pain: Nothing can be more debbilitating than the state of agony; be it physical or emotional. When you have a headache, arthritis, pain via an injury,other mishap, the world seems to stop.You feel defeated and sometimes you may even feel like giving up. I know fully well this feeling first hand; I've been down that road...And it is not pleasant! But always remember: For every question..there are answers, for every action..there is a reaction, and despite what you are told, for every ailment...there is a cure! And in some cases... many cures!!! As a student in college, I had the priviledge to learn from some of the best teachers of acupuncture I know.  In 1971, Dr.Yoo Tae Woo developed an incredible healing modality now called Koryo (Hand Acupuncture). This theory utilizes the thought  that your hands are microcosms of you: from your head to your toes, and all your vital organs. Dr.Theodore Tan, a Koryo instructor at the Canterbury, taught the theory to many students, including myself: That the lack of blood circulation in the hand  is the  major reasons most pain exisist. Sometimes, just a simple regimine of rubbing your hands together front and back, and pressing on acupoints on your hands gets your blood flowing and will give you profound relief. Let me give you an example: You are suffering from nagging backache( God Forbid) You make an appointment to see a doctor or practitioner for should be commended for you actions: Seeking help is better than giving up...any day! But here is where I disagree with some of my medical counterparts: At times, Doctors will perscibe persciption medcations to combat the pain. But the reality should be revealed: 90% of perscription medications eliminate the symptoms(pain) but not the cause. This is why novacaine works great during tooth extraction; but hours later, the story is far different. Anyone who had this experience before and after know I'm telling the truth! And most of these meds can be addictive, leading to other problems down the road.  But getting back to the backache senerio: I often treat clients with backaches with a #2 pencil: I place my client's  hands palms facing flat on the table and roll the pencil up and down the hand, from the nail bottom to the wrist, stopping occasionally to massage the hand with friction. This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes, and largely successful with my clients, Some clients need more time. I  also advise  juicing to asist  their therapy.Here is juicing recipe for pain. It's easy to make, safe, and very nutritious;which by way,is vital: Poor eating habits contribute to pain.   The recipe is as follows: 1 Half Pineapple prepared for juicing * 3 Ribs of Celery  * 2-4 Large Spinach Leaves or Kale or Collard Greens * 1 Thumb size of Tumeric* 1 Thumb size of Ginger.     Mix all contents in juicer and add  dark honey if desired. Koryo and Ear Acupuncture are the main applications used in my practice,with a 98% success rate in Koryo and 97% in ear acupuncture. Sometimes, I use Sonic Aculasers and tuning forks tuned to uinque frequencies and the results are sublime!:D For those experiencing emotional pain: Remember..Don't keep within you what could destroy you...inside..out...Seek help!  Massaging your Thumb and Ring finger nail on both hands could  bring some relief, occasionally massaging your hands with friction. Are you ready for a juice recipe?  Here we go: 4 Granny Smith Apples * 4 Ribs of celery *10 to 12 Kale or Spinach or Collard Greens * 1Cucumber    Prepare for juicer * Mix all contents add dark honey if desired.  Pain Relief??? The solution could be... in your hands! Until next  time ...Stay Healthy...Wishing you a Pain Free Life      


Athletes: Pro-Semi- Weekend Warrior...Time to step up your game!

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British Olympic athletes swears by it. The University of Auburn Football Team swears by it. Bulgarian Weight lifters pre start their workout regimine and end their regimine with it. What am I talking about? A powerful tonic that could possibly bring out the best in you. It's inexpensive, easy and safe to make, take, and has many great health benefits: Red Maca and Red Beets!..That's right..Red Maca and Red Beets. The University of Penn State recently conducted a study with 5 athletes that consumed  just pure fresh beet juice 2 hours before a long distance run, and 5 athletes that were given nothing but water 2 hours before a long distance run. The first group made slight improvements in their runs, taking seconds off their previous times! The second group pretty much maitained their previous time, and some lost seconds. Now perhaps for you, losing a 1-3 seconds or gaining 1-3 seconds is no "Wow Factor", but to the seasoned athlete.."Every second counts" The University of Yarborough conducted a similar test: 5 athletes were given popular energy drinks 2 hours before participating an obstacle course. 3 athletes were given a tonic made of pure red beets and red maca juiced. The results of the experiment prove to be remarkable: The 3 given the juice made from red beets and red maca root out performed the 5 athletes that were given a popular energy drink! And add to that...the 3 had energy for about 10 hours!...Oh well so much for the 5 hour energy drink often shown on T.V.  As a matter of fact, I don't see or hear much its praises lately! Maca is a powerful  root that has many great properties. Many Peruvian natives claim it to be the equivilent of herbal Viagra!! ..without the side effects!!..hey.. I believe it's worth a try! And of course you have heard my praises of beetroot and its holistic healing properties. mixi ng the 2 together makes a whole lot of sense. You can buy M aca root locally at Trader Joe's or Walmart . You may want to add honey because it's a bit bland. So Pro Athletes, Semi Pro, Weekend Warrior, or if you're looking for a littlle glide to your stride...Beets and Maca root could be the way to go! And ladies...You are not excluded...It's good for you too!    Until next time my friends..Stay Healthy:D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Winter is Here...Protect your kidneys!

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Welcome my friends to the season with mixed emotions: Winter.  

Sometimes joyous, sometimes depressing, shopping at times can bring on rage, and last but not least exhaustion! Believe it or not, your kidneys absorbs so much stress, which in turn effects other vital organs. You have to protect your kidneys! In the world of chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered to be the foundation of good health and vitality. Renal failure is considered to be extremely dangerous, and recovery from it can be quite tricky. So how do you protect your kidneys? Well, for starters..nutrition! Vegetables such as cabbage, onions, red pepper cauliflower, are  excellent foods to build kidney strength. Fruits including apples,cranberries,strawberries, rasberries, and cherries, have powerful antioxidants your kidney needs to function properly. As always, I have a juice tonic recipe you can make at home: Prepare *1Red Pepper *1Red Apple * 1 half cup of Rasberries * 1 cup of Cherries * 4 to 6 leaves of Red Cabbage and ounce of parsely for the juicer. As always,add a little dark honey for sweetening. There is another way strenthen and protect your kidneys and it can be found on the soles of your feet! It's an acupuncture point when activated properly, will not only strengthen your kidneys..but revitalize the mind, body,and soul. Revitalize your soul by massaging  your sole.. Foot massage...Dancing.. Hmm...What  a concept! And of course, drinking lots of clean water helps your kidney. When at times you are stressed, angered, or depressed, do not reach for liquids such as alcohol or soda. Alcohol can cloud your thinking and judgement, and the sugar in alcohol (yes, alcohol has sugar) and the sugar in soda goes straight to the blood stream, thus making your kidneys work that much harder! But clean, filered water has little or no additives, goes straight to the blood stream, and helps the kidneys flush away toxins. No flavor...but still a life saver!  When you juice, the benefits are similar: What goes into the body... into the kidneys flushes the kidneys... and nourishes them!  May I also add, your kidneys control fear in so many ways, So again I say Protect Your Kidneys..after all they protect you! :) Until  next  time my friends, Stay Healthy, and Happy Holidays!

Collard Greens???...Who knew!!

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When I was a little boy, I remembered the yearly visits from my aunt and uncle from Samoa. A special dinner was prepared for their visit. My Mom, my sisters, and my Aunt would prepare their specialties for this dinner, and believe me, you had to be carried away when you were done eating.:lol: All  of the food looked tasty..smelled great...except one! All of the grown ups loved my Aunt Amirita's Collard Platter: Big ,gigantic leaves with chunks of turkey and pineapple mixed in.Yep, the grown ups seem to love it so much, they were going for seconds..We kids hoped they would finish it. The worst thing about the dish was the smell. As a child, getting through the vegetables was bad enough...But the smell of those greens...OH My My My!! :mad: Fast forward 3 weeks ago my lovely daughter Amarita (named after her great Aunt) gave me a smoothie she said I would find very familiar, and could possibly help  with aches pains. Igotta tell you, this kid makes good smoothies,and just so happens I've been having some joint pain in my knees lately.Within a week, I had been noticing less pain and more flexability in my knees . Amarita later told me the smoothie contained the ingredients of:green pumpkin seeds*walnuts*pistachios*cranberries*celery*banana*pineapple and Collard Greens!!! This is a drink she has been drinking for quite some time, and she's very agile in her Hip Hop dance class and workouts. I did my research on the ingredients of that smoothie: To my suprise, all of the ingredients together make an excellent combatant  against arthritis pain. Just last week, a woman from Fort Washington, Maryland emailed me about her leg and hip pain she's been having for about 8 years. I suggested she try the smoothie I was drinking."Dr.M, I know collards are good for you but juicing them?...ok ...I'll try it! Later that day, another woman emailed me about arthritis in her hip.Again, I suggested the smoothie 2x daily. Yesterday the woman from Maryland reported less pain in her knee and hip and. less clicking in the knee.This morning, I received a call from the second woman:Less pain! But here is a note to add: The second was taking Aleve PM for the pain and to help her sleep through the night. But for the past few days she's been taking the  regular Aleve only once a day....none at night!! To my Auntie Amarita, I look to heaven saying thank you.:) It's funny sometimes the very thing you try to avoid..comes back in your life to fill a void. Until next time my friends..STAY HEALTHY..Cheers!                      


Got Pain...Go Green

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Here is the recipe for the smoothie that seems to combat arthritis...naturally! Will the pain vanish imediately?? problbly not! but within a week..maybe even a couple of days you'll notice positive results. Could you take your pain reliever with this smoothie? Yes you can! As a matter of fact, one woman called me about her hip pain,did not want to stop taking her Aleve PM  right away but wanted more relief than she was getting. After trying the smoothie for week and a couple of days, she switched to regular strength Aleve, and only takes it once...and takes nothing at night. Thus she sleeps pain free! In my previous blog,I told you this smoothie contained power antioxidants from fruits,and nuts and a vegetable I found very apalling as a child:C-O-L-L-A-R-D G-R-E-E-N-S! My Aunt  tried so hard to teach me to eat right ..I didn't want any part of it then..but I do now!  Here is the recipie:   1 Banana* 2 Collard Green leaves* 2 Celery Sticks * 2 Chunk Slices of Pineapple* A handful of Pumpkin seeds,*Walnuts * Pitstachios* Dried cranberries Mix all contents into juicer. add water. Juice until all contents are nearly solid. Add a tablespon of Dark Honey extra sweetness. CHEERS!:)                    

GV 26 An Acupoint all should know!

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Ah, December...One of the most busiest months of the year! How so? For starters, the holidays and all those parties that come with the territory. Holiday shopping: It started last Friday, and will continue up to Christmas Eve...on-line and in-line...upclose and personal! In some areas, it will begin the season of snow: Get your shoveling arms ready...and watch your back!...No.. Really..I mean protect your back! And the colder it gets, the more layers you may have to wear! Ah, December.. It could also be a very draining you can see! But fear not my friends,There is an acupoint that can get you through the winter season.This point when activated properly, can revive you physically, mentally, and spiritually! And  wait.. there's more..This point  can help with cardiac and respiratory arrest, heat stroke,diabetes,and middle and lower back aches! The name of this point is called Ren Zhong or Governing Vessel or Gv 26 for short. It was one of the first points I learned about in college, The location  can be found between the nose and the upper lip. When you are locating the spot, you should feel a slight indentation.You can use your index or middle finger to activate this point , light yet firm pressure is all you really need! I remember using this point last winter: It was the month last January, the day after the big Blizzard of the East Coast. While outside shoveling snow, I noticed  a neighbor shoveling snow....and breathing heavy! Minutes later, that same neighbor down on one knee.. wheezing. With the help of  a few other neighbors, I was able to get him back into his house and back into his living room recliner. I took an unsharpened pencil and placed the eraser part on Gv 26. I instructed the gentleman breath slow and  easy for about 5 minutes. 15 minutes later, this fellow was on his feet, back outsde, shoveling snow...stronger...yet nothing ever happened! And to add to this..My neighbor  later informed me while shoveling snow, his back was killing him,but the pain was no longer there. There are more than 300 acupoints that could make a difference in your life. I believe this is one of them. So whenever you are in need of energy: physcially,mentally, emotionally, and spiritually...the solution could be...right under your nose!


8) Until next time..Stay Healthy                 

The Return of Dan Dial

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Do you remember Dr. Dan Dial, the gentleman from Washington State that invented the Molecular Enhancer machine?  Well Wednesday afternoon, I received a phone call from him. His conversation was of Good News...for me ...and possibly...the World!  Dan has been quite busy with a new project:  A new machine, if you will, based on the principles of Nikola Tesla..but at a higher level! If you have never heard of Nikola Tesla, I strongly urge you to read and do your research about this great scientist. But let's get back to our other great scientist: Dan Dial. The name of his new machine is called the "Dan Coil" and production has already started, with mass production to start in about 3 1/2 months. What makes this machine most unique?  You can treat as many as 15 to 20 people at a time...perhaps even more! Animals, such as dogs,cats, and even horses can benefit from the machine's multi-oscillating waves.Fruits and vegtables stay reserved for long lengths of time.  And the testimonials are jaw dropping! Including Dan himself:  His hair was completely grey  ( for many years) usually sits in front of his coil for about an hour or so.  He even arranges the coil near his bed at night and sleeps with it on.  Here is the best part: This machine is powerful, but uses minimal power to run.  (About the same as an electric oil heater)  And Dr. Dial's hair is back to brunette, the way it was 18 years ago and he feels and has the strength as he did ..18 years ago...And his current age...59!  When Dan builds a machine, you can rest assure, it's a machine worth having! Multi-wave  oscillation is one of the best ways to heal the mind, body, and soul. In one of  the testimonials a war veteran spoke of her PTSD just  going away after a few sessions. Where was this machine when I needed it 37 years ago!  Dan also informed me, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists that use this machine in conjunction with their skills will help a lot  of people get well. My order is in! 8)  You may contact Dan at   Are relief and cures on the horizon?  You gotta believe! Until next time my friends...Stay Healthy!


Update from New Jersey Client

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As promised, Here is the update from  my client in New Jersey who as advised to start a regimine of Black Seed Oil and Guinea Hen Weed Tea, and Glutathione: Amazing Results!  : His previous CD4 Count was is currently 435.  His previous viral load count was 176,000 but now his current  viral load count is  28,000!!! Not only did he accomplish his 5 mile run, he runs 3 miles everyday! But he exclaims " Hey Doc, can I drink the juice tonic?, I believe the tea is working, but the taste is killing me" !  :lol: I told him he could drink the juice but add 2 Brazil Nuts to the prepartioin of the juice. Brazil Nuts contain  the valuable mineral Selenium, and is a great booster for the immune system. 1-2 nuts addded daily; I informed him not to add more than that. Excessive amounts of selenium can be toxic and in some cases, very dangerous. His doctor has advised him to keep up his regimine, and can't wait to see his next  March 2017!