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Summer is here...Remember your Heart!

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 5:00 PM

On  June 21, 2017 The Northern Hemisphere entered the stage of Summer Solstice; the official start of Summer. Just as with all the seasons that correlate with vital organs, summer correlates with the heart, and as you would problably guest, the heart is by far the most important vital organ of the human body, for so many reasons: If your heart cease to will you! (Pretty much). The heart pumps blood to mainly all of your main vital organs where needed...including the brain. Speaking of the brain, Chinese medicine practitioners (myself included) were taught that the heart controls all the emotions (makes sense to me...what about you?). What is the risk of having an unbalanced heart?: Shortness of breath, restless sleep, loss of memory, suicidal thoughts, hysteria, palpitations.. just to name a few. When I was a child, I could honestly say I couldn't wait until Summer arrived. Who doesn't remember chasing the ice cream truck down the street, vacation time with family or Summer camp. Back then, the mood of the summer was uplifting... for most of us. It is very important to drink lots of water.. stay hydrated.. keep your body cool! Sodas taste great (Yes..I occaisionally love my sodas but I cut back during the Summer, and I drink a smoothie often called a "Miracle Smoothie" that has marvleous benefits when comsumed at the start of the day: 2 Red Apples* 1 sliced Beet * 2 Carrots *2 Celery stalks: Prepare for juicer and add 1 teaspoon of dark honey. May I add : Smoothie should be consumed almost immediately upon preparation. You can keep your heart toned throughout the season by activating your heart meridan points located on the little finger: On the nail side near the ring finger. Just a gentle squeeze at the start, peak, and days end (2minutes) could be a life saver..What could it hurt? Remember my friends take cake of your heart...and it will take care of you! 8) 


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