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The Amazing Chayote Update

Posted on October 25, 2017 at 9:05 PM

Good Morning One and all: I bring great news about a subject I talked about months ago. In a past blog, I mentioned about a unique and valuable fruit  called Chayote. Often found in regions of Mexico and other Latin American countries, this fruit is said to have amazing health benefits; especially its healing powers towards cancer. In early May, I began my research with this fruit with mediocre results. So I reached out to colleagues worldwide...And came across a person I have been overlooking for quite sometime!

His name is Errol Lynch. Errol is an impressive young man, who currently owns and operates Tuina World and previously tutored at Northern College of Acupuncture United Kingdom. Errol blogged about a substance I was not familar with: Chayawanprash. I spoke with several Ayurvedic Healers about this substance and heard fabulous things about it! As usual. I did exstensive research; and found that Chayawanprrash is made with a base of amalaki fruits, which contain a very high concentration of Vitamin C, the highest in any plant kingdom. Some of the benefits of Chayawanprash are: 1. Rejuvantes all tissues in the body 2. Supports overall strength and health 3. Promotes muscle mass. 4. Tonifies reproductive system. 5. Builds ojas for a healthy immune response and youthfulness. 6. Supports heart and respiratory systems.

It is often used as a jam and the taste is not bad at all! I decided to reach out to several companies that manufacture Chayawanprash with a question: Can this substance be mixed in juice? All said yes but one cautioned use small teaspoon doses, it could cause an upset stomach with higher doses. It's been about 45 days since incorporating Chayawanprash into my juicing regimines for my 5 clients: All show massive improvement ,...but one in paticular has my attention: This gemtleman had a silver dollar size cyst on his chest since February. He was weak and lacked an appetite. 45 days ago I started him on a Chayote Juice cocktail with the added ingredient of Chayawanprash: His appetite is back and better than ever, he has energy...I mean real energy! And the cyst has shrunk to the size of dime! Cured? His cancer is in remission. Nov 6 he will start Auricular Medicine Therapy courtesy of yours truly. I will keep you posted as I recieve results from the other 4 clients. Until next time...Stay Healthy My Friends!

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