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Power Energy Bands? Hey..Don't knock it until you try it !

Posted on March 31, 2018 at 11:40 PM

I am always looking for new ways to help my patients live happier, healthier lives. Recently, I have added a new item to my treatment protocol. Power Energy Bands! This item is usually made of durable silcone and often infused with stone fragments with healing properties (Tourmaline,Agate,Amethyst,Bronzite...Just to name a few) They are often seen on wrists of world class athletes such as Lebron James, Derrick Rose,Brandon Jennings, Drew Brees, David Beckham, they also swear how their performances they believe has somewhat an edge! I asked myself: could this really be just a lot of hype? During the Christmas season, while shopping in the Mall, I was approached by a young lady who showed me one of these bracelets and claimed it could do fantastic things for good health, stamina, and strength! At first, I passed off the claims as bogus but bought the wristband anyway. After all...It was only $20! The first few days I followed the instructions that came with the bracelet which included drinking 2 to 6 glasses of water throughout the day while wearing the bracelet. A week later, I began notice changes: I'll admit, I am a coffee guy, especially if I'm burning the midnight oil performing late work assignments the night before. But I have not touch a cup since January 22nd of this year! And my energy levels are off the charts!,I have a knee injury from a beating I received about 38 years ago, that comes an goes but has not been issue since wearing the wristbands(Yes I bought more since I felt the changes to my body) And believe it or not, I've lost 13lbs in 3 weeks with a combinatioin of Auricular Medicine, and wearing these powerbands. If you know me by now, I'm always ready to take an idea to the next level: Last month I included energy bands to nearly every clients treatment along with their usual Laser Acupuncture: As to date: 25 out of 32 notice more energy, better sleep, and happier moods. The other 7:5 say they're unsure and can't really make any claims of improvement and 2 choose not to comment. Now I must tell you, there are a lot of companies to choose from , but there are 3 I feel comfortable with: I highly recommend  Lester Ford even has independent test done by the University of Alabama that shows remarkable results with use of this product. is another company that made extensive research with their product.. the results could suprise you. And if you're a weekend warrior (Or just want to feel like one:lol:) May I suggest along with PowerBalance most Athletes go with these brands for stanima and endurance.With any powerband you choose I strongly suggest drinking lots of water to get the desired result. There are people that will say it's a phony...a placebo...another gimmick. Yep, that's what they also said about space travel, chiropratic medicine,acupuncture, and the power of sound...Just have to keep an open mind and choose wisely. Until next time my friends.. Stay Healthy!


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