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Blue-Violet Laser really helps with healing

Posted on June 1, 2018 at 11:25 PM

In my last blog I discussed briefly about laser light  being transmitted to acupuncture points. Today I want to talk about 405nm liight. Although 405nm is often called blue light, in all actuallity, the correct color call is violet. Surpringly, 405nm often has medicinal benefits,One in particular;anti bacterial, In Europe, 405nm light is being used for treating acne and cold sores with amazing results.As usual when an application is presented to me, I run with it. Whether you know it or not, cleaning your blood may eliminate viruises. Ever noticed newborn babies in the hospital with blue lights? In case you didn't  know, the light is used to strengthen the liver,and you already know the importance of a healthy liver. Last week a gentleman feeling rather runned down lately, asked if fiber optic laser acupuncture could help him. After a half hour consultation, I  knew what I wanted do to assist him. I placed a laser probe on his liver point and a second on his navel. It's been researched that every 20 minutes, your blood  spiral cycles down to your navel and returns back to point of origin, with clean blood and travels throughout the body. My theory: Send communications to the body. The message:  Send clean blood to the body. Kill all viruses. The treatment was approx 1 hour  and even though the gentleman felt great,  I urged him to continue treatments in the following days ahead . Even though he states he is feeling better, I urged him to take at least 6 more treatments. I've yet to see a person get well with one treatment: It took time for illness to's going take time to get back in order. He is due for his second treatment next Saturday. I will keep you posted on his progress:D 

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