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Battle Stress....And Win!!!

Posted on November 27, 2018 at 6:55 PM

Happy Holidays....My how the time flew! Seems as if it was only a few months prior, we were giving these same salutations...right? Are you familiar with a song entitled: "It's the most wonderful time of the year? Well, for some indiviuals, this time of the year isn't really wonderful. Thoughts of loneliness, suicide, anger, unworthiness, anxiety, and just plain old feelings of overwhelm engulf the lives of so many people. Maybe you know a few people;or you could be one. No reason to be ashame...Iv'e been there myself...quite a few times! Nearly every ailment known to mankind can be traced to one word: S-T-R-E-S-S.  If you have a cold or flu it is not a good feeling to posses;but believe it or not, if you stress yourself out about your runny nose, scratchy throat and slight fever, your immune system could weaken; and what started out as a simple winter cold could have you fighting for your life. I've said this so many times before...Stress Kills! But are there ways to combat stress? You betcha! There is an acupuncture point located on the ear, when massaged lightly, will soothe the mind and tranquil the body; It's called the Shenmen, and it is one on the most utilized points in acupuncture. Some practitioners needle the point; I massage the point with my thumb for about seven minutes and treat point with a blue laser. Recently, a young man suffering from extremely painful headaches, decided to try my protocol. The root of his headaches were extreme stress: Just 2 months prior to his visit, his doctor informed him of a nickel size lump on his chest and test proved it was malignant. I did not promise I would make him trouble free, but I did tell him that if  we lessened the stress levels, his quality of life would improve tremendously. We started him on a regiment of Granny Smith Apples*Spinach* Celery *lemon (my usual juicing regiments),Deep Deep Breathing Exercise 2x daily - and he  was instructed to massage the Shemen 3x daily. Twice a  week, he came in for a laser  treatment. I am happy to announce that the nickel size lunp has shrunk to a size a little smaller than a dime. And his attitude has changed dramatically. Just the other day after his treatment he proudly exclaimed: "You wanna know something, I feel everyday is the most wonderful time" Until next time my friends..Stay Healthy...And Beat Stress!!                              This point called Shenmen is truly a dynamic point. Instead of needling the point I use  Blue Sapphire Lasers to give the mind and body a euphoric feeling. When your mind and body is relaxed, your immune system strenghthens. I usually follow up treatments with ear seeds. ear crystals or ear magnets. To massage the point, use your index finger and massage clockwise.

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